Opinion Surveys or Opinion Polls?

There is an ambiguity about whether we should speak of opinion surveys or opinion polls either.
That is, if both terms are synonymous.
But in reality they are not, because although what defines an opinion poll is correct when predicated of an opinion poll, the converse does not hold.
A poll is a survey research, but social. In contrast, a sample survey can be done to obtain information about the behavior of the stars or the characteristics of books in a library.
In other words, there are surveys that are not of opinion, while no research surveys that are not polls, agreed to call for polls to quantitative studies through surveys.
Although it is possible to do an opinion poll.
Moreover, "survey" is called to the technique of data collection, but also the result of completing a questionnaire.
Issues to be considered not to confuse the meanings and know well what is spoken.

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