Surveys and accidental sampling

Opinion polls carried out by accidental sampling of the survey is not random.

Accidental sampling are characterized method is selected without the person being surveyed, cases are chosen to have at hand.

Examples of accidental sample surveys are what make the radio and television journalists.

These surveys are not representative and can never know how reliable the sample is selected.

As a research about public opinion is unreliable.

Provided that presents the opinion of the way we run a double risk of having a biased sample.

First, as the sample is casual, may not be at all representative, and even that interested people try to be surveyed.

In that case, the bias of the sample increases.

But secondly, if the survey is planned or executed from a media or institution with a clear profile or defined interests, who agree to be interviewed by such means shall be persons of similar ideological.

An example of this is the surveys of online newspapers, where readers vote who they are, a universe is clearly not representative.

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