A definition of survey

We discuss the definition of "survey" that provides the academic Manuel Garcia Ferrando (1992:141), who says:

"The survey is a technique that utilza a set of standardized research procedures by which collects and analyzes a series of data from a sample of cases representative of the wider population or universe, of which aims to explore, describe, predict and or explain a number of characteristics. "

Here García Ferrando is very ambiguous to use words like "method" and "procedures."

The author defines survey as a method or quantitative research, which in turn can use different "standard procedures", which actually means data recording techniques subordinates to research.

It is highly questionable whether the survey to predict, because the investigation is complex but never based on final data from more than one time in a reality of dynamic phenomena and causes by many variables.

There is no epistemological justification for claiming that a survey to predict, since in any case, should be a highly confirmed theory that allows predictions or forecasts in science.
Unless, of course, to pursue practical or political objectives.

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