How to assemble the Questionnaire

Here are some tips to make an effective survey from a good questionnaire.
In general, the statistical questions (those that serve more embarrassing to classify the questionnaire for socioeconomic status) should be made at the end of the questionnaire, but may be necessary to use some initial questions filter to know if any do the survey to the respondent, and for appropriate use of hops in the questionnaire.
All survey questions must be clear and not ambiguous or vague.
When there are no scales, we recommend you ask the respondent to choose one option.
The categories "do not knows" and "no answer" should be included as little as possible.
Multiple-choice lists should be short, comprehensive and manageable for the interviewer and respondent.
Rotation is recommended reading, as it is known that people tend to choose what is most remember, is the last thing he was appointed.
Finally, the success of a good depends on a questionnaire survey to ask what is fair, with good management and questions on topics ranging from general to specific.

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