Opinion Polls and mathematics

Opinion surveys and mathematics.
Sample surveys are the application in a specific area of certain mathematical, in particular of some of the mathematical theory of probabilities procedures or statistical mathematical research.
This are some assumptions based on the assumption that certain operations can be performed with numbers can perform when mathematics no longer pure and becomes applied and represents aspects of social reality.
Made them, is supposed to be possible to measure a specific social aspect, the intensity of the positive image of such candidate, or measure the views in favour, against and indifferent about a specific problem.
Is that the applicability of the procedure of the survey is based on accepted an isomorphism between mathematical properties and properties of social phenomena. Once assumed this, you can use methods and techniques (sample, designs for example) appropriate to establish which is the best way to learn about a certain aspect under investigation.
These methods are standardized and validated, as they are all scientific procedures procedures. It is important to remember that a survey seriously is apply a background of theoretical and methodological knowledge to a social research.

Polietapic sample desing

What is a polietapic sample design?
A sample design polietápico is a type of design research project to collect data from a survey which is divided into various stages of planning and implementation.
These stages cover various criteria that are deployed to reach the final sample, or to individuals that will finally answered the survey.
Let us remember that a sample is a part of a specific population or universe (e.g. a country or a city citizens) is selected to obtain information that will be generalized to the whole population with some margin of error.
As a result, when according to rigorous methodological guidelines, the sample will be representative of this population.
To make this happen, the universe will be successively divided according to different criteria to reach the people you select.
For example may split the provinces or States of a country and select some rightly gaming, dodging, and then in selected provinces applied with a proportionality to the population parameters selection criterion.
If there are 10% of high socio-economic level in the population, determining the sample shall be about that value.

Are political polls reliable?

The degree of reliability that we must give a political survey depends on several factors, such as company, Institute or consultant to conduct the survey, the way as has done it, the use of the results and the source from which we obtain information about their results.
The trap or error can be in several of these aspects, can be a phantom company or "ad hoc" (recognized companies even have an alternative name to sign when do things well to reduce risk), may be carried out with little professionalism is bad, intentionally, or be failure at any stage of the research process.
Additionally you may own responsible for Institute, the client that has hired it or a journalist or Communicator, knowingly or not, provide partial information or directly to distort the results.

Opinion Surveys

Welcome to opinion polls.
Here we want access to the best resources and information (survey analysis, theory of the surveys, advice, methodology) high quality about the opinion polls and their use.
Particularly include articles, opinions and comments on theoretical and practical aspects of social surveys and opinion polls.
We will discuss issues related to the methodology of the surveys and his theory on the one hand, and other practical aspects relating to applicability in various circumstances and on various types of research.
We want to also discuss teórico-metodológicos aspects related to political, electoral, intend to vote, candidate image surveys and the like.
Also sometimes present comments and some published surveys, we can discuss. Espearmos you can find here what you want from the exciting world of social research through surveys.
Welcome to opinion polls

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Opinion surveys
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