The respondent to the survey questions of opinion

When performing a social survey or an opinion poll is important to know how and what to ask not only for research but also to maximize the responsiveness of the respondents.
In this sense, knowing how to formulate the questions thinking of the respondent can be crucial to the success of the survey.
It is important to bring the motivation of the respondent to ensure honesty in responding and collaboration.
To do this the good presentation of the respondent is fundamental: to take the appropriate credentials or certification, good presence, experience in handling the situation, the interviewer know what you are doing in order to evacuate any doubts of the respondents.
It is important to have a proper introduction to the survey in particular and transmit to the respondent to answer the idea that you bring something, that the survey is important to him or to society and that their opinion is valuable and will be taken into account.
A guiding principle of the polls is that the respondent should always be satisfied, as well respond with more interest next time.
It is important that questions allude to the subject's experiences, their desires and to channel deep thoughts: the worse the respondent's answer is placed over another person.
The survey questions should encourage the role of the interviewee, thus they respond better, draw their opinions more authentic and will be pleased to respond.

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